The Brand


Shehna Hussain designer Abayas & Modest wear are for the bold and beautiful women of the new generation. The label houses a range of contemporary abaya designs which infuses designs inspired from vibrant concepts, prints, and patterns from across the globe.
Black Essence- Is a more practical and everyday use. They are very simple and unique. 
Urban Ira- This is inspired by the heartbeat of the modern chic look. 
Bold -Is a once a year collection inspired for the Classic feminism in a very bold yet discreet manner. 

   Shehna Hussain is Dubai based and has the ambition to empower Islamic clothing with an essence of modernity, keeping in mind the traditional Islamic values associated with it. This Dubai based designer label exudes elegance and sophistication. Shehna Hussain abaya designs also take into account the comfort factor while maintaining the quality and style quotient. Hence some of these designs may be used by those successful business women who maintain a fast-paced lifestyle. And of course, Shehna Hussain also has a range of designs to suit every one of those occasions. The comfort and the range of styles make these designer abayas a favorite amongst youngsters, homemakers and working professionals alike.

Welcome to Shehna, and feel free to explore the myriad abaya designs! Please do not forget to register and leave feedback about the designs!

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