Celebrated for its beauty since the Stone Age, amber is one of the world’s most striking natural jewels. Without doubt, its golden orange hues provide instant warmth and luxuriousness that has inspired this collection from the very start. Amber shades range from dense, syrupy yellow through to white vanilla but always glow with a distinctive golden undertone. As it is a warm and radiant color, amber is associated with energy. Its vibrance can promote feelings of happiness and inspire boldness. Amber is also thought to symbolize and promote vitality, confidence and safety. Because it is close in appearance to yellow, the hue can also be linked to sunshine. Its similarity to the color of gold means it might also be associated with wealth.

In Amber Dress Collection, you will find a plethora of shades of amber which is beyond doubt a visual treat to the eyes. Showcase your confidence while feeling elegant in this stunning array of outfits.





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