Travel Dreams........

August 26, 2017 1 min read

"If travel was free, you'd never see me again" 

 Could not agree more on this quote.

Dream to travel and explore new places has always been my fantasy. What did I want to be when I grow up? A pilot. As a little girl, I would always imagine flying above the clouds not knowing what new experience the next destination holds. 

Been born in an Arab culture, made me realise that your dreams and wishes evolve around the circumstances of life. But over time, I have come to an understanding that it has nothing to do with the culture as it is the case with most of us girls. Reason being - girls go through different stages of life from being a daughter to a wife, daughter in law & mother.

So as I sit here at my desk, on a cold night I stare out the window. The bright moon in the dark night shine's back at me, and with a little star twinkling among the darkness; I decide to make my buck list.So here is my travel diary...

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