June 07, 2017 2 min read

Ramadan The Blessed Month In Our City....

A month of giving, a month of peace. It is one of the most blessed month and in our country, the whole city celebrates. Be it any religion, everyone becomes a part of this holy month.

This year, a group of people have initiated Ramadan Fridges in areas accessible to labourers or people in need of food.  The UAE sharing fridges is an initiative where the local residents monitor and fill the fridges with non-perishable food and cold drinks.  Though the initiative was launched last year in 2016, people have become more aware and have come forward to be part of this practice this year.

A Facebook page was created to allow people to share fridge locations and, more importantly, to encourage the community to participate.The initiative quickly grew from a few fridges to over 150 in a matter of weeks and the Facebook group now has over 23,000 followers.

A lot of us want to help the people in need, but never really know how to go about doing it or who to approach. The Sharing fridge has made it easy for people to share food and drinks for the workers in the particular area; and these fridges are located in areas where constructions or labour camps are situated.

A simple process involves volunteers setting up a fridge and, by involving other members of their community, provide free food and drinks that other people can come and take. This makes people connect with their neighbours who they don’t speak to, thus enhancing the community spirit.

Their Facebook page provides tips and guidelines on how to become part of this giving initiative this year.

You too can be part of this by checking out their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/uaefridges/and give the society back by helping those in need and gain unconditional blessings and reward this Ramadan.

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