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June 18, 2017 2 min read

Is Hijab Special?

I have been asked this question quite often,  What makes hijab beautiful and what is the significance of it ? Being a designer, I thought hard to given perfect answer. But then I realised, its not what makes Hijab beautiful..but how Hijab makes every women special. 

God had created all women beautiful; regardless of their color, size and caste. But wearing a Hijab adds its own uniqueness. My mom used to tell me that every women is like a pearl in an oyster, and the oyster is her Hijab; that keeps her protected and away from the dirt under the sea.

Yes, with the heat in our city (#mydubai) sometimes it becomes difficult to cover the head, at the same time be sassy. But there are so many varieties and material available in the market, that one can own every color of the Rainbow of Hijabs to suit their style.

Likewise, we at Shehna Hussain have launched our Very first Hijab collection for Spring. The color have been carefully selected to provide every women the fresh and blooming look to carry themselves effortlessly in this scorching heat.

Our material is soft and light weighted, hence providing enough air to pass through. With the variety of colors available - from tints of floral pinks and reds; to mountain beige's and peaches. from the ocean blues to the forest greens.....all the colors cater to suit every beautiful women who believe in being special with our Hijab collection.

Bloom Chiffon Hijab

Feather Chiffon Hijab 

Royalty Chiffon Hijab

Dusty plum chiffon hijab ,Moss green chiffon hijab,  Azure chiffon hijab  , Toffee chiffon hijab .

Perfect for office wear to party wear, our collection will always be the attraction in any gathering.

We will soon be launching our summer collection,so do keep checking our post for the same .

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