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One morning was going through some random magazines and I saw these beautiful animal prints rugs, dress,walls, lounge chairs, cushions and some jackets. That's when I thought, I have to make a collection of animal print abayas.

Animal print is always something timeless for the wardrobe. These prints are like neutral. They are made up of brown,beige and black after all. They are in all seasons and you can wear them with anything and anytime. They add a little edge to your wardrob.

The history of animal print started in the ancient times when clothing was used only to keep people warm and protected. Back in the days of cavemen they used animal fur as clothes and blanket.

Animal Prints

Animal prints are generally considered expensive. In fashion history King and other high-ranking people have worn animal skin or used animal rugs as a sign of status and power.

We have incorporated Animal prints in our new abays collection  in such a way that it looks simple and elegant but puts forward an element of classiness too.

We have used the texture and the pattern on the animal skin using different techniques on each of the abaya. From zebra stripes to leopard spots and paw prints, this season is all about unleashing your wild side!! Have a look at our wild abaya Collection.

Illustration by Shehna Hussain
Design 1
The Black Animal Pattern Abaya is a closed abaya style,with high neck collar. The fabric used is  black linen on the top  and bottom half is made with Nada fabric and hand embroidered. This is a simple yet trendy design for all you animal print lovers.
Design 2
The favourite fierce animal pattern comes in a variety of colors .The Leopard color spots abaya is an open beast style . The fabric used are white linen for the leopard spots and Nada abaya fabric.The  Leopard color  is hand embroider and is all over the sleeves, shoulders and the front opening.Comfortable and stylish all at the same time.
Design 3
This abaya is flawlessly cut for a loose fit and flexibility of moment. The fabric used are white linen for the zebra stripes and Nada abaya fabric.It is a front open abaya,the zebra stripe is embroider and is limited to lower sleeves and the upper body which makes it elegant while keeping it from being too flashy.
Design 4
The soft cow pattern- and the hand embroidery technique makes this a unique abaya.The animal pattern abaya is a front open abaya. The fabric used is off-white linen for the cow pattern and Nada abaya fabric.The cow pattern  is hand embroider and is on the shoulders and the lower area.The sleeves and the lower area is got pleats on them.Comfortable and stylish all at the same time.
Design 5
The Giraffe Pattern Abaya is a front open abaya. The fabric used is light brown linen for the and Nada abaya fabric.The  pattern  is a patchwork and is on the shoulders and the lower area.The sleeves and the lower area is got linen fabric on them.This is a comfortable yet stylish abaya design.
These are the few designs. Please have a look at our other designs.

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