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Fashion lingo isn't something one learns in primary school, high school, or even in fashion school for that matter -- it's something one picks up throughout the years while overhearing women gossip, during occasional visits to malls, on TV, or in your favorite fashion or lifestyle magazine.
Here's a list featuring some of the fashion lingo one should be aware of in today's fashionistic era :D
Here you go!
1 : Descriptive Lingo
These terms are used to describe people, and what they should and shouldn't wear.
Haute couture
Haute couture is a French term describing high fashion. If something is described as "haute couture," it means it's custom-made. It mainly describes exclusivity, and one-of-a-kind clothes made from the finest quality materials that usually cost more than $10,000. Or to be more specific, the kind of clothes celebrities wear to events like awards shows and movie premieres.
Prt-porter is French for ready-to-wear , and describes high-end designer wear.Unlike haute couture, prt-porter clothing isn't one of a kind. Prt-porter clothing is very pricey and you'll find it off the rack at high-end department stores and boutiques. Examples of popular prt-porter designers include Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci.
Faux pas
This common term refers to a blunder that can occur in a social environment as well as in the fashion world. In other words, it's an error in judgment that should be avoided at all cost. Common fashion faux pas include wearing white socks with dark trousers and wearing sunglasses indoors :o :o 
Glitterati describes a crowd of attractive people who tend to be well-dressed, usually referred to as the ' elite '.
Trs chic
Trs chic means very fashionable; it's usually used to describe a specific item, like a suit, for example, or as a compliment for a place or an event. 
Pice de rsistance
In fashion, pice de rsistance is used to describe an important item, whether it's a must-have item of the season or an item that stands out from the crowd.
Du jour
Something termed as du jour , means it's ultra trendy.
The term pass is used to describe something that was once in style (see du jour ), but no longer is; basically, it's a thing of the past.
The term old-school describes a fashion item that has a retro, vintage or classic look.
2 : Style Lingo
These definitions specify different styles:
The skater look explains strategic layering (such as long- and short-sleeve Ts), baggy pants, sneakers (skater shoes to be specific) and chunky accessories like necklaces and heavy chains (especially around the neck and dangling from pockets).
The preppy style is the typical country club look that was a hit in the late '70s and '80s, and has remained a classic ever since. Sometimes they are even combined with other styles to form a totally  hybrid look. Preppy wear include plaid shirts, polos, khakis, and penny loafers. 
The goth, or the more famous 'gothic' look involves wearing black from head to toe. Goths also tend to favor pale complexions and edgy, "tough" accessories. For instance, think Marilyn Manson.
3 : Clothing Lingo
The word trainers describe trendy athletic shoes and sneakers, often referred to as lifestyle shoes.
4 : Trouser Lingo
Bootleg pants (referring to jeans) are slightly flared from the knee to the ankle, and offer a great fit when worn with most shoes.
Cargos refer to pants that feature pockets on the side of the legs, at the mid-thigh level. Originating from military gear, cargo pants and shorts are now a big part of mainstream fashion.
5 : Shirt Lingo
Wife beater
This is also known as a beater. It refers to a thinly ribbed tank top. They started out as simple undershirts for men, but have since become increasingly popular among young hipsters.
A hoodie is used to describe any hooded top : sweatshirt, jacket or T-shirt.
6 : Accessory Lingo
Bling bling
Bling bling is used to describe flashy jewelry, which usually consists of diamonds and other precious stones and metals.
Trucker hat
A trucker hat is essentially a baseball cap that features a higher crown (the top) and a mesh back.

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