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A Guide to Help You Look & Feel Amazing!!!!


What’s your SHAPE?

Many people get confused about what size to pick when your shopping…. It’s not about the size it’s about the shape.
Four body shapes in fact- Apple, Hourglass, Pear and Busty.

Shopping can get very hard. Sizes can be confusing. Some of us are bigger from the top half than around the hips or the other way around. Here is a shape guide that would help you shop!

The four shapes!!

APPLE:                A softer and FULLER MIDDLE with slimmer legs and bottom.


  • Straight clothing lines and soft fabrics to avoid unnecessary volume.
  • Create a vertical panel through the centre of the body.
  • Empire lines- where the waist line is raised above the natural waist  line, just below the bust
  • Clothes that drape from your shoulders
  • Details above the bust line or below the hip line to draw
  • attention away from your widest point.
  • V necks to draw the eyes up
  • Wide leg or flat fronted trousers
  • A shoulder bag to balance out your shoulders
  • Small wedges to accentuate shapely legs
  • Bold hipster belt to create interest


  • Polo necks
  • Very high waisted trousers or skirts
  • Details over tummy area
  • Lycra, too clingy
  • Stiff shirt like tops
  • Long necklace that fall to your middle

HOURGLASS                               EQUALLY CURVY BUST and HIPS with a DEFINED WAIST




  • Scoop neck or deep V neck fitted tops
  • Wrap around tops to accentuate your waist
  • Pencil, bias cut or full skirts.
  • Shaped , wrap or bias cut shift dress
  • Flat fronted trousers with side zips
  • Tailored shirts , jackets and coats that nip in at the waist
  • Belts that cinch you in at the waist
  • Elegant high heels


  • Boxy double breasted jackets
  • Straight tunics or skirts – these will hide your curves
  • Heavy stiff materials
  • High or polo necks can make your torso appear shorter
  • Smocks make you bigger than you are

PEAR               CURVACEOUS HIPS and BOTTOM with smaller bust and shoulders.


  • Frills, ruffles and patterns on the top half of your body to balance with the lower half
  • Tops with volume or plenty of fabric to skim and flatter
  • Jackets and tops that finish above or below the widest points of your hips and bottom
  • Layering on top to balance you out
  • Slash neck tops to balance the width of your hips boot cut trousers Lighter colour tops to wear with darker bottoms
  • Sleeves or shoulder pads to create volume
  • Eye catching jewellery , especially at high level on your body


  • Bias cut skirts
  • Jeans with too much detail on the bum
  • Skinny jeans in light colours
  • Tops and jackets that finish at the widest point across hips

BUSTY                                    a VOLUPTUOUS BUST with narrower hips and bottom


  • V necklines
  • Tops in dark solid colours
  • Patterned skits, creating interest on the bottom half
  • A line & Maxi skirts to create a balanced silhouette
  • Flared or boot cut trousers
  • Chunky heels to balance your shape
  • Long necklaces that draw the eye to the centre of the body
  • Chunky or bold statement hipster belts medium to large bags


  • Frills, embellishments and heavy patterns around the bust
  • Small or slim line accessories, petite clutch bags
  • Delicate or fine jewellery
  • Soft unstructured shoulder bags can create too much volume
  • Polo necks
  • Thin spaghetti strap tops
  • Short mini skirts can create a ‘block ‘ effect

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